The Sexiest Podcast Parody – Issue 144

This week the topic decided to take the week off so the boys do a side quest instead.  From porn analytics to crazy dating sims this weeks conversation goes all over the map.  Stay a while and listen to the off the wall rambles of these two madmen.  

By caldane, ago

Columbia House of 1000 Cassette Corpses – Issue 143

Columbia House of 1000 Cassette Corpses This week Nick and Caleb embark down memory lane with the good, the bad and the ugly selections from their past.  Well their past Columbia House selections that is.  Memories come flooding back like the worst commercials on TV and regrettable purchases made.  We Read more…

By caldane, ago

Vampire Hunter and the Stoic D – Issue 142

VAMPIRE HUNTER AND THE STOIC D This week the boys finally get back to chatting about the important stuff in life. Anime, awkward life stories, and being stoic AF.  Possibly not that last one though.  This week we watched Vampire Hunter D.  Or at least Caleb watched it and Nick Read more…

By Nick Johnson, ago