From Cameo to Star (Wars)

In this episode the cast talk about which Star Wars Spin Offs they would be most excited to see in theaters.

With the announcement that Disney will be doing Star Wars Spin Offs, we decide to talk about our favorite characters/event from the series.

Star Wars Spin Offs: Movie Options

Kesselball Run

Star Wars Spin Offs

You’ll root for them all…but you’ll never guess who wins.

Lizard on a Ledge

Star Wars Spinoffs

Freaky Friday

Akbar’s Heroes

Star Wars Spin Offs

Admiral Pyle

Reservoir Hunters

Star Wars Spin Offs

“Every hunter has his day.”

Red Six to Golden Corral : @Red6toGC
Nick Johnson: @RoboticalNick
Jon Hammack: @JonHammack
Caleb Haldane: @CalebHaldane
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ben burns · December 8, 2015 at 2:52 pm

I don’t even know where to begin. So many goodies in this episode. For starters I’m writing this comments from the grave because Caleb absolutely slayed me with his singing! I’m mean wow. I’ll go ahead and leave this here.
Sign him up!
I love the talk of the bounty hunters movie. Would definitely love to see that. Great stuff again guys. So now that we’ve heard nick and Caleb do some sort of performance. I think it’s high time the rest of the group join them…..ahem jon? What could jon bring to the table in this situation. Keep up the great work!

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