History of MMO:

In this Issue the cast talks about MMO’s and their history.  Guest, Tim Harder and Caleb duke it out in an epic Movie Game battle.  Tell us your Massively Multiplayer Orgies experience.

Massively Multiplayer Orgies

1988 – Air Warrior Launches

Massively Multiplayer Orgies

January 2001 RuneScape Launches


Red Six to Golden Corral : @Red6toGC
Nick Johnson: @RoboticalNick
Jon Hammack: @JonHammack
Caleb Haldane: @CalebHaldane
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Tim Harder: @Utopian238


Jace Hall – I Play W.O.W Music Video

The original Superplaya himself, Jace Hall, fights off nosy mothers and cuddling girlfriends to play his original true love: World of Warcraft.
To download the song go to: www.jacehallshow.com/iplaywow
Director – Carey Williams
Director of Photography – Johnny Derango
Producer – Jermaine Whitely
Special Thanks – Floyd Mitchell
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