This week the crew of Red Six to Golden Corral detour through Platform 9 3/4 and into the wizarding world of Harry Potter!  Wands at the ready as Red Six is joined by Galialvia and Spacekitten on a magical fan discussion about what makes the Harry Potter series so very dear and special.  The Butter Beer flows as we talk about a rumored title for Star Wars Episode VIII! So fill your pipes with Gilly Weed and dive deep with us into the world of wizards and witches!

Harry Potter

“I want to go to there!”

Harry Potter


I really hope it’s Star Wars Episode VIII: The Return Of The McRib


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Caleb Haldane: @CalebHaldane

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Galialvia:  @Galialvia


Dark Lord Funk – Harry Potter Parody of “Uptown Funk”

Marcus Joseph
Instagram: @producermarcus
Twitter: @macdaddyjoseph1
Elijah Thomas
Instagram: @ELI_ABELT
Twitter: @Eli_AbelT
Andrew Carver
Instagram: @andrew_carver
Twitter: @acarver14

Vocals recorded at Audiowest (They’re amazing):
Barber Shop scene filmed at Ray’s Barbershop:
Band scene filmed at The Wall:
Snape, the python provided by Creature Encounters!
Video done in collaboration with BYU AdLab:

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