This spectacular Issue 34 of Red Six to Golden Corral sees the stalwart crew take some space mushrooms so they might travel to different dimensions to put a new spin on old classics as they partake in a quest to re-envision iconic video games.  As usual the trip into the alternate ‘verse takes a turn for the macabre as the video games become darker and more twisted versions of their predecessors!

Shinobi video games

those sexy scarf graphics!

mega man video games

The Good, The Bad, and The Mega


video games

That dog don’t hunt.


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Caleb Haldane: @CalebHaldane
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Medly of Castlevania – Vampire Killer Acapella & MegaMan Music Video (MegaMan Animated Song)
An original a-cappella arrangement of Vampire Killer from Castlevania.
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Megaman Theme Song with Lyrics! An original MegaMan theme song music video with the lyrics you always wanted to hear! Want more of these animated music video game theme songs? Leave a comment!

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