Lines are drawn in this latest Issue of Red Six To Golden Corral. The Comic book world have torn us apart and made us choose sides with their newest Marvel movie, Captain America: Civil War!  The crew of Red Six discuss their reactions to this sensual summer sensation and try not to kill each other in the process! Which side do you find yourself on?!  It’s the Billionaire Vs Brooklyn and the box office might not be the only winner in this roller coaster issue! So take your super serum and strap into your high tech armor because its going to be an Un-Civil War.


Civil War

Hey..what are we fighting about again?


Civil War

How it should have ended

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Rick Derringer – Real American – YouTube
Released: 2005
Lyrics: I am a real American / fight for the rights of every man / I am a real American / fight for what’s right… Full lyrics on Google Play
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