Hold onto your seats for this packed issue of Red Six To Golden Corral!  The gang puts the ship into overdrive and covers a variety of dream Jeopardy categories ranging from “Will This Ingredient Cause Me To Defecate Involuntarily?”, “U.K. Politics And What Is The U.K.?”, “Star Wars News” and all that before the main discussion turns to the evolution of video game controllers as the crew discuss controller Darwinism as well as their own personal highlights and “low”-lights! And that’s not all! This one ends with a surprise that should not be missed! No spoilers here, you’ll have to hear it for yourself!



Let’s be honest. That is a lot of controller inbreeding.


Rogue One has good news for the Imperials!

Rogue One has good news for the Imperials!



Oooooh. That is the U.K.!

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Howl – Controller

Origin  Norway
Genres Alternative rock, rock
Years active since 2002
Labels EMI Music Norway
Members Simen Lund: vocals
Lars Bendixby: guitar
Knut Frøysnes: guitar
Kristian Syversen: drums
Alex Engebretsen: bass guitar
Espen Blystad: keyboard
Categories: podcast


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