How to Write a Book, The Answer is Issue 42

The crew of Red Six go on an insightful journey with the wonderful and reservedly spooky author Jeff Provine as he opens gateways of knowledge to realms of space exploration, alternate history, horror and a reality most daunting, writing your own novel.  The crew also get a chance to chat with Jeff about his latest book “Hellfire”, an exciting alternate history set during the Industrial Revolution that follows locomotive fireman Nate Kemp as he discovers that a new fuel supplement, Newton’s Catalyst, might have a more hellish origin than most suspect.


Jeff Provine posing in his natural habitat.

Hellfire Book Trailer


Thanks again to Jeff Provine again for being on the show and we look forward to more in the future!  If you enjoyed Mr. Provine as much as we did make sure to visit his website at or on his Facebook page! Click this link to  check out all the wonderful and spooky books written by Jeff that are available through

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The Ladders – Paperback Writer (Beatles cover)

Brizio Romagnoli: bass, vocals, backing vocals.
Massimo Gerini: rhythm guitar, backing vocals.
Paolo Santamarianova: lead guitar, backing vocals.
Mauro Cimarra: drums, percussion.
Gabriele Chiappa: backing vocals.

Recorded and mixed by Massimo Gerini.
Video by Brizio Romagnoli.

The Ladders – a tribute to the Beatles
(Tributo italiano ai Beatles)

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