Criminals beware! The crew of Red Six is joined by the crime fighting Dark Knight himself, Batman!

Well, not exactly. He didn’t return the crews call..  or email..  care package..  fax.. or even the edible arrangement with tiny Rice Krispie treats shaped into little bats that was sent to Wayne Corp Headquarters. So instead of being on the show, Red Six is going to do a two part issue covering a top ten list of Fox’s 1992 cartoon, Batman: The Animated Series.

Red Six To Golden Corral has a variety of interests covering the spectrum of Nerddom.  They follow the legends of a long time ago in galaxies far, far away.  The crew has ridden in a blue box with a man across all time and space.  Journeyed into 8 bit worlds and felt triumph taking on the persona of digital Spartans. Marveled through windows to a world protected by a modern pantheon of Earth’s mightiest heroes. Rolled critical successes and harrowing failures while fighting  dragons deep below civilization.  All these wonderful places filled with creative joys but one city lies within their heart, Gotham.  Where the night and vengeance are manifest into one hero who has taken on the mantle of the cities silent guardian, a watchful protector.  He is Batman.


Okay but seriously that lightning is really too close. Waaay too close. You should get down from there.


The animated series is thought by most fans of the B-man to be the ultimate adaptation from the comic books.  This issue the crew explores numbers ten through six on a list comprised of a plethora of top ten lists found across the net.  Next week’s episode will pick back up with five through one!  So grab utility belt and cowl because the Bat-signal has been seen in the sky!


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1989 Batman Theme (Metalized) – Artificial Fear

This is the 1989 Batman Theme song in the style of heavy metal. It is originally written by Danny Elfman, and this version is arranged by Artificial Fear.

Guitars: B.C. Rich Warlock (Bronze Series), Ibanez RGD320, Ibanez RG7321
Acoustic Guitar: Walden Acoustic/Electric, Ibanez Acoustic
Bass Guitar: Ibanez Soundgear
Drums: Toontrack EzDrummer (DrumKitFromHell Expansion)
Orchestra Parts: EWQL Symphony Orchestra
Microphone: Audio Technica AT2020

Guitar Software: Guitar Rig 4, EZMix 2
Guitar Hardware: Digitech RP355
Audio Software: Logic Pro 9
Video Software: iMovie ’11
Video Camera: HD Flip

Batman Theme composed by: Danny Elfman
Arranged by: Artificial Fear

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