Ragnarok has come for the heroes of Red Six to Golden Corral in the form of the first ever Try-Hard Wizard Tournament!  The Horn of Champions is on the line as the call goes out to podcasts from across the land to come and compete for the prize. Red Six’s old friends, The Angry Cuddles Podcast and The Chicks With Flicks Podcast have become their nemeses in this three round contest of nerd knowledge!  The intended battle of wits becomes an all out chaotic melee when the teams decide to drink heavily in celebration for the upcoming bout!  Who will claim the prize?!  Who will become the mightiest podcast amongst them?!  Will Red Six finally and forever vanquish these frenemies?!  Drink!  Listen!  All will be revealed when Red Six To Golden Corral presents, THE TRY-HARD WIZARD TOURNAMENT!

The Try-Hard Wizard Tournament

The Try-Hard Wizard Tournament


Meet the contestants!

Wizard Tournament

Red Six To Golden Corral


The hometown heroes are being represented by Jon Hammack and Caleb Haldane.  They are the M. Bison and Shang T’sung in this battle of champions.  Each bringing an impressive armament of nerd knowledge and tactical skills to bear against the upstarts who wish to take their prize. With some help from their ally Dan (Planeswalker Asylum Podcast) acting as their inebriated version of Goro, they sent the challenge, can they take the glory!?

Wizard Tournament

The Angry Cuddles Podcast


These invaders from the southern lands have heard tale of the Horn of Champions and come to pillage from the weak bellied denizens of the north.  Drunk on mead and cider, hungry for nerd battle, Stevo the Blue Bomber, Chuck the Byronic Commando and the Elongated Man J.B. again enter the fray!  Will they plunder the prize or leave tail between their legs?!

These Chicks mean business!

Chicks With Flicks

The Valkyrie have come to give battle for the most sacred of prizes. They seek not only the Horn Of Champions but also vengeance for being bested in the battle for the Red Cup so many ages prior. On the fury road for revenge will Courtney Furiosa and Kelcie the Tazmanian Devil (with a little help from Good Trash Media’s Dustin Sells as honorary member of the CWF crew) have enough nerd knowledge to take the coveted prize?!



or rather not blood… but at least booze, yes! there will be booze!


The Angry Cuddles Podcast
Stevo – @Crothos
Chuck Porter – @ByronicCommando
J.B. – @JonBernardez

Chick With Flicks Podcast
Chicks with Flicks – @HeyCWF

Planeswalker Asylum Podcast
Dan – @CapnTopDeck
Sam – @SamDavisBoyHero

Good Trash Media
Dustin Sells – @dustin_sells
Caleb Masters – @CMastersTalk

Special Guest:
Mathew Brendle – MWB Design Studio

The Home Team:
Red Six to Golden Corral : @Red6toGC
Nick Johnson: @RoboticalNick
Jon Hammack: @JonHammack
Caleb Haldane: @CalebHaldane
: Send Mail

On behalf of Red Six to Golden Corral we thank all those that had a hand in making this issue possible.  It was so much fun to record and maybe the fun made the editing a bit extra but it was well worth it! Until next time! Love you all.


The Tragically Hip – Ahead By A Century – YouTube


Thank you Tragically Hip for being such a huge part of my life!!!!
– Caleb Haldane

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