The crew of Red Six to Golden Corral enter the Dojo known as the Elijah Bailey Show.  Elijah Bailey and Richard Taplin are the Darkseid and Braniac of Blacken Studios!  This is the first time Red Six has darkened the door of Blacken Studios, but we will make it our mission to bring you more from this fantastic location.  The roundhouse kicks of good times are in full force for this laugh riot issue! So sit back and hold tight because Red Six Vs Blacken Studios happens now!

Elijah Bailey

This Is For Real!

Elijah Bailey

Richard Taplin and Elijah Bailey with their game faces on

Elijah Bailey

The Best Pose Ever Captured In Blacken Studios

We want to give a special thanks to Elijah Bailey and Richard Taplin for inviting us to be on the show and being amazing and inspirational hosts.  Thank you for the good times and we can’t wait to come back!


Elijah Bailey Show

Elijah Bailey – @ElijahBaileySho
Richard Taplin – @BlackenStudios

Red Six to Golden Corral : @Red6toGC
Nick Johnson: @RoboticalNick
Jon Hammack: @JonHammack
Caleb Haldane: @CalebHaldane
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Released: 1986
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