The crew of Red Six to Golden Corral set aside their blasters and lightsabers in exchange for GreatAxes and Fireballs as the crew delves into the Dark Souls series of games by FromSoftware. Be prepared to cry as the gang discusses what is considered by many to be the return of “hard mode” to the world of video gaming! Raise your hammers high for the Lords Of Cinder when Red Six discusses the “metal-ness” of the bosses in Dark Souls 3, worthy to be emblazoned on the sides of 70s style vans, no doubt!  Also hear of the Islendingadagurinn as Caleb compares his history of the amazing Icelandic Festival in Gimli to the spectacle that is the great state fair of Oklahoma!

Praise the sun!

Dark Souls

Dark Souls

Dark Souls

Islendingadagurinn! Wait.. this is rad.. but in Canada.. whats happening!?

Maybe this last one is a little cheesy but I couldn’t resist putting it in for all the DS1 fans

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