Issue 54 of Red Six To Golden Corral strafes into the blood geyser gore fest that is 80’s Horror.  Joined by the horror-ologist, Courtney, from the Chicks With Flicks podcast, the team discusses what was significant about the horror genre in the 1980s as well as taking some time to play a frightful game drafting teams composed of some of the most blood chilling monsters from fiction! Do you have the nerve to survive one hour in this podcast of horror?!  I think you just might!


The gangs all here!

Thanks again to Courtney for coming on the show and being such an awesome guest!

These Chicks mean business!

These Chicks mean business!

Listen to our good friends at the Chicks With Flicks podcast!                       Available on iTunes, sticher, and Google play every other Tuesday. You can also find them on Facebook.

Chicks With Flicks :

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The Misfits – Monster Mash – YouTube
Lyrics: He did the Mash, he did the Monster Mash / And it’s a graveyard smash / He did the Mash, it caught on in a flash / He did the Mash, he did the Monster Mash… Full lyrics on Google Play Music
Released: 2003
Genre: Punk
Categories: podcast


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