The crew uncovers a nest of conspiracy in this pulse pounding issue of Red Six To Golden Corral! Learn the mysteries only known to the highest members of the Illuminati. The levels of conspiracy goes all the way to the top. So be sure to wear your tin foil hat and check the phone lines for CIA/FBI/NSA bugs because this conspiracy filled issue is b-a-n-a-n-a-s!


Eye Spy Some Crazy Shiat!



Obama is a lizard person!! Or not.. uhh.. ILLUMINATI UNSURE!

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The Conspiracy Song

by Eddie Scott

The Kennedy Assassination. The New World Order. The deaths of Princess Di, John Lennon and James Dean. The Illuminati. The real truth of 9-11. The real truth of Obama’s birth certificate. What do these things have in common? Yes, they are all the center of vast conspiracy theories. This is my new song about conspiracies we love, and my attempt to make sense of why we seem to need to create them.

You can find links to all of my skeptical songs, lyrics for some of them, and other musings about science, skepticsm and politics at my website: Or follow me on Twitter at @EddieScott1957.

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