This week the crew of Red Six to Golden Corral step back onto the Console Wars battlefield.  The first conflict centered around Nintendo and Sega as they competed for mark shares and just as Nintendo began to pull ahead to reestablish itself as the Console King, new challengers arose to vie for the crown. Sony’s Playstation and Microsoft’s Xbox profoundly change the dynamic of the consoles wars as the next generation of gaming becomes exponentially more vitriol when the playground argument moves to the internet.

“War does not determine who is right – only who is left.”
-Bertrand Russel

console wars

CTRL+ALT+DEL, smashing this out of the park!

Console Wars

In news this week the crew discusses, A Profound Waste of Time, a print publication that looks to redesign the ‘gaming magazine’ in a digital world.

Also this week Jon talks about his experience with the recently released Dishonored 2.  Sneak or smash your way through and when you’re done. Do it again!

Caleb takes a moment to tell us about Okko, a comic book series that he has been reading. This looks to be a must read!
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Console Wars: The Music Video

Published on Nov 16, 2013


Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are through with the games, and they’re launching their ultimate weapons to prove it!

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