This week the crew of Red Six to Golden Corral make like the gods of the Greek pantheon and choose champions in another round of The Draft! This time the field of fighters are pulled from the 8 bit hero era. Mario, Mega-Man, Samus and many other icons of their generation do battle in this action packed Issue!

8 bit hero


8 Bit

The gang also talks about the upcoming attraction to Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Avatar’s Pandora!



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8 bit Hero – By Nomy

Nomy is born and raised in Sweden – Ulricehamn with Croatian and German roots. In early age, Nomy began with techno/trance/chipmod among other genres and put it all together in the assembly program Fastracker 2. More and more, Nomy began to use hes voice as an instrument and started after a while to create music with inspiration from Bad Religion, Lag Wagon, Dia Psalma and NoFx but also from aggressive genres such as Fear factory and Guano apes. In the beginning Nomy also played in a band but got greater creativity on his own.

Today Nomy has no contract what so ever and works by the title “International Marketing and Configura Manager”. The music is still just a hobby.

Today Nomy finds his inspiration from bands like HIM, In Flames, Danko Jones and life in general.

His real name is Patrick Marquardt and he’s 28 years old.

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