This week the crew of Red Six to Golden Corral is joined by Daniel Aaron Austin, film director and host on Voice of the Artist Podcast. This mighty mashup takes on a myriad of topics from being passed over by Hollywood for a newer model, Power Rangers taking a stab at the big screen and into their roommates, and a Meme Service Announcement “And then the murders began.”.  All this comes to a head when the crew reviews the recently released Marvel movie, Logan. All claws out as we find out which of this quartet had the bravery not to shower the movie with endless praise!  All that and more in this packed Issue of Red Six to Golden Corral!


Such a purty mou.. I mean logo, LOGO!


Daniel Aaron Austin in the act of unexpectedly punching himself in the face.




Thanks again so much to Daniel Aaron Austin for coming out to join us for some good times recording. Go check out Daniels podcast “Voice of the Artist Podcast” for an insightful look as Daniel and Ashley Mandanas have wonderful and casual frank discussions with artists, creators, and co-conspirators about a life creative.


Voice of The Artist Podcast

Danel Aaron Austin – @DanielDoesOKC

Red Six to Golden Corral : @Red6toGC
Nick Johnson: @RoboticalNick
Jon Hammack: @JonHammack
Caleb Haldane: @CalebHaldane
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The HEAVY “Short change hero” (2009) – YouTube
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