This week the crew of Red Six to Golden Corral cozy up on the couch and prepare to smash. No, not like that Becky. It’s Couch Co-Op served up as the boys discuss the finer points of building friendships and crushing them in one of gaming’s oldest traditions. From the moment home consoles took root, the couch has been the chariot on which digital gladiators conduct their business of death. New oaths of camaraderie forged and alliances bitterly sundered. Couch Co-op has seen a resurgence with indie titles and large developers taking notice of Gamers who are looking to play together in person rather than online. From Gauntlet to Speedrunners the gang covers some of their favorite couch games from yesterday and today. So gather your friends and pick up the sticks, ready your best smack talk, and load up on beers and chips because this Warrior Needs Gaming, Badly!

Check out our friends over at the Gutternerds for more Twitch streaming and Couch Co-Op!


Sugarpie And The Candymen – Come Together

COME TOGETHER (Lennon, McCartney) Taken from the album : “LET IT SWING” IRM 1402

Girato (26/10/2015): al BEATLES MUSEUM presso IL “MUSEO MILLE MIGLIA”- Brescia Riprese a cura di Alessandro Giambelli in collaborazione con Rolando Giambelli (Presidente Beatlesiani d’Italia Associati) Ideazione, regia e post-produzione: Adriano Fabi Video clip prodotto da : Irma Records /Wing Srl

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