This week the crew of Red Six to Golden Corral return to pay homage to the classic X-Men animated series from 1992.  The Fox cartoon series became a gateway for many viewers to develop an interest in comic books and so this series has always held a place in our hearts.  Does this series hold up today? The only way to find out was a reviewing of the top ten X-Men 92′ episodes as sourced by compiling a multitude of lists from across the internet. Once before this same measure was used to great success by the gang when they reviewed Batman: The Animated Series.  Will they feel as fondly afterwards? What shows made the top ten? The only way to find out bud, is to pop those claws and cry “MOOORRRRRRPPPH” while checking out this nostalgia filled review!

X-Men The Animated Series

This week the boys are covering the first 5 episodes counting down from the top 10. Which include:
10. Cold Comfort – Season 3, Episode 15
9. Slave Island – Season 1, Episode 7
8. Enter Magneto – Season 1, Episode 3
7. Repo Man – Season 2, Episode 5
6. The Phoenix Saga – Season 3, Episodes 3-7

Join us next week when we cover the top 5 from X-Men: The Animated Series!


Powerglove – X-Men

First track from from Powergloves Saturday Morning Apocalypse album .
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