The new year is upon us and the boys from Red Six have emerged from their fallout shelter to face the aftermath from 2017. Having sacrificed their movie going experiences upon the altar of 2017’s scifi and superhero films, the boys are in desperate need of a refresher on the good films they missed. Through dark demonic arts and social media the boys contacted film critic Louis Fowler to help them with the task.  Is Louis up to the challenge of helping our dear sweet idiots find more to watch at the cinema than expectation subverting Jedi and hammer wielding Asgardians?! Find out is this hilariously dark humored issue of Red Six to Golden Corral!

Not Louis.

Special thanks to Louis Fowler for coming out to the woods with us to record a podcast and share his love for movies with us. Wanting to know more about one of Louis’ movie picks?  All the movies Louis spoke about on this podcast are also featured in his article, ‘Louis Fowler’s Top Films of 2017’, written for Red Dirt Report.


Quad City DJ’s – Space Jam

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