This week the boys from Red Six are joined by their podcasting brother, Twitch personality, and host of the Gutter Nerds Podcast, Stevo. The Blue Bomber stops in to discuss a variety of topics from time travelers, Tarantino, and provide a behind the scenes perspective of being a Twitch streamer. Also this week we take another trip with Willie Winnipeg’s World of Candy and attempt one of our most rage inducing Movie Games of the season. So grab your blue hair dye because it’s time to delve the gutters for a good time! Terms of service be damned!


We Didn't Start The Drama - The Twitch Song

A compilation of twitch streamers, twitch memes, and events that have transpired on twitch. I included some of my favorite streamers and also ones I know are popular. I might’ve missed a few things, but overall these worked with the lyrics. I’ve had this idea for awhile now, but never really could formulate how I’d do it. Finally, after about a week of working on lyrics with my friend Neurion aka Redaxxqt we began work on one of the most ambitious videos I’ve done. The song was preformed by Nordic Blonde, editing done by me. Shoutouts to: Drozdowsky, Barry, Tosan, Zomx, and of course Neurion.

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