Godzilla’s Wipe Your Mouth and Punch the Air Trilogy

This week the boys pick up where they left off in the Godzilla series.  Godzilla vs The Smog Monster, Godzilla vs Gigan, and Godzilla vs Megalon.  These three movies really embrace the Kaiju action flick and they go balls to the wall on action oddity spectrum.  Red Six dubs these three movies the Wipe Your Mouth  and Punch the Air Trilogy because Toho tries to give Godzilla this signature move, but it doesn’t seem to last beyond these movies.  Godzilla isn’t the only terror that visits the podcast this week, as we also learn about a terrifying ghost story that has caused Caleb’s hair to go white; while Nick drinks in the fruit of the developer slave labor known as Red Dead Redemption.

Check out this buddy movie.


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