Red Six Redemption: Code is for Babies

This week Nick and Caleb talk a little Red Dead Redemption, Caleb’s DnD Character, Harry Potter Coding, and both crash and burn at their respective games.  Nick starts out strong in the audio game, but drops off fast.  While Caleb doesn’t start out strong, and finishes even worse.  Caleb talks about his DnD character while Nick realizes that his shittiness knows no bounds.  Both guys chime in on the disaster that is the Diablo Immortal unveil.  So join us this week for the highs and low that are the Red Six Podcast.


Red Dead Redemption 2 [Soundtrack] - May I? Stand Unshaken

Music/Song from Red Dead Redemption 2 May I? version theme (recorded in the game).
Plays between Paradise Mercifully Departed and Dear Uncle Tacitus missions in Chapter 5 (riding to Shady Belle).
This is the original full version without SFX | sound effects.

Artist/Composer: D’Angelo
Song name: May I? Stand Unshaken – Oh Traveller Have A Seat
Made/Released: 26th October, 2018

Red Dead Redemption 2 – Soundtrack [OST] Playlist:

D’Angelo – Unshaken Lyrics

May I, stand unshaken
Amid, mystic crash of world 2x

Did I hear a thunder?
Did I hear you break?
I can’t quite remember
Just what guided me this way, oh

May I stand unshaken
Amid, mystic crash of world (2x)

The pines, they often whisper
They whisper what no tongue can tell
He who drinks from the deep water
May he know the depths of the world

May I stand unshaken
Amid, mystic crash of world (2x)

Mmm, oh, traveler
What have you seen?
Were there crossroads
Where you been, where you been?
I once was standing tall
Now I feel my back is against the wall

May I stand unshaken
Amid, mystic crash of world (2x)

Oh (3x)

The morning light
When it comes to me
It was there but I could not see
Am I to wander
As a wayward sun?
Will the hunter be hunted
By the smoking gun?

May I stand unshaken (ah), unshaken
Amid, mystic crash of world (worlds)
May I stand unshaken (Yeah)
Amid, a mystic crash of world (worlds) (2x)


RDR 2 HD HQ High Quality Music Song

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