This week the boys burst from their slumber to heed the call of the King of Kaijus, Godzilla. The crew of Red Six chat about Godzilla 1984. No, that’s not the title of a hip indy version of our beloved breaker of buildings! After a long wait we finally see the return of our googly-eyed best friend from Japan, Gojira.

This not only marks the return of Godzilla after several year hiatus but also resets the kaiju’s character to be more in line with it’s origins. It’s all the action plus an insightful comparison between the American edit of the original Japanese film. Some changes will shock you.. but most you will find a sad mix of truth and embarrassing.

But that’s not all, we also bring all the usual good romps of two lads trying balance living, laughing, and lightsabers.


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