Welcome back my dear friends! We have been on an extended break but just like thirsty grandpa Palpatine, we are back on the payroll! This week we dust off the mics with a return to our roots. A return to Star Wars and a moment to reflect on the ever loving Saint Porkins who unfortunately did not get a tribute in The Rise of Skywalker. There will be blood if no deleted scene exists showing Porkins have a Medal of Honor laid upon his grave. He deserved more.

We could not miss an opportunity to make some jokes and talk both the love and hate for the final ever Star Wars. The Rise of Skywalker presents us with plenty of questions and most importantly a chance to laugh about our dear Emperor Palpatine.
Unlimited Breadsticks.

ohdamn that is cold http://www.tshirtvortex.net/not-my-emperor/

This is a bit off topic but seriously when was the last time you listened to the band Bush? I have not thought about that band in a long while. Then just a couple days ago they came to mind. And I am not mad about it. It’s not great. It’s great but it’s not that great. Is this music that makes you feel nostalgia for the 90s like it does me? Anyways, thanks for hanging for this extra bit. Also listen to the video below and tell me if I am completely wrong or not.


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