Welcome back dear friend! This week is an oh so sweet double stuffed discussions of two great shows. The Netflix fantasy genre sexy Raiden haired super-show, The Witcher. As well as Disney+’s great helmeted hope, The Mandalorian. We deep dive all the internet’s most pressing questions and completely explain the timelines of The Witcher with zero confusion. Naaaaaah, we just make jokes about both these awesome shows. We also ask the tough social questions about the Mandalorian culture and the need for more than one haberdasher. Come laugh and revel in the debauchery.

Not sure if this is for our show or an example of why artists should be hired and paid for their work.
Started a 2nd rewatch. It gets better each time.


The Witcher Soundtrack - Toss A Coin To Your Witcher

The Witcher Soundtrack music and song: Toss A Coin To Your Witcher Lyrics. Music Composed & Produced by Sonya Belousova & Giona Ostinelli Lyrics by Jenny Klein, Sonya Belousova & Giona Ostinelli Performed by Joey Batey. The Witcher Netflix. Full Soundtrack List:http://www.tune-flix.com/the-witcher-…

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