Is it an appropriate time to ask for a Cool World remake but instead of Looney Tunes or Disney, it’s anime characters? That my friends, as the kids say, and we repeat like the words some how kept us from aging, would slaps. Slap? Slaps? Plural feels right. Still young. This week we take a page from our friends over at A LiL Bit O’ Anime and exchange hot anime series to see which ones slap holes the hardest. We watch 4 episodes of an anime series and decide if it’s got enough hooks in the first 4 to make you come back for more.

Caleb brings a tale of Cubicles and Copymachines.

Who Shall Die?
Boblin Brubnitz – Lvl 3 | Genasi | Druid / Circle of Dreams
Carrus Salnon – Lvl 3 | Tiefling | Warlock / The Fiend
Ghim – Lvl 3 | Dwarf | Ranger / Beast Master
Jim Swain – Lvl 3 | Human | Bard / College of Whispers
Mort Ulfer – Lvl 3 | Half-Orc | Barbarian / Path of the Totem Warrior
Nilwood – Lvl 3 | Half-Elf | Rogue / Scout
Retthrel Chigwis – Lvl 4 | Human | Cleric / Sorcerer / Warlock / Wizard / Wild Magic / The Undying / Grave Domain

It presses on the face with an open hand.


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