WOOOO Buddy! 2020 is relentless in its soul crushing journey to be the worst ever. So we thought we might just enjoy a relaxing round-up of various departures from the day to day. Like the return of Unsolved Mysteries to Netflix. Sort of, kinda?! Like they buried the old episodes in a pet cemetary and now we are dealing with a fleshy golem of Robert Stack, slapping his imperfect form against our door. We thought we wanted it back but it ain’t right.

They were grown from the CEO Lee Presson’s own hands.

I have become intrigued by eating challenges. Watched these Youtube shows that go to different restaurants to take on their various challenges of consumption. Katina Eats Kilos is one I’ve watched a few videos from. Is there an eating challenge that you could seriously attempt to succeed at?


Ecstasy of Gold - Yo Yo Ma plays Ennio Morricone


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