What’s so civil about war anyways?

This week of Red Six we are drawn deeper into the mire that is 2020.
As news begins to be made public of the next generation of consoles, we take a moment to ponder what we can gleam upon the horizon for console gaming. As long veterans of many Console Wars, we share our rabid opinions to see who has a leg up on things to come. The PS4 by many is considered to be the standout from the previous cycle. Will they have that miracle touch or will this be the time for Xbox to say.  Hello. My name is X-box Series X, you killed my father, now prepare to die.

Who knows!? But come join us as we rip those awkward designs and Caleb explains to me what the hell is a Terraflop.

Building a better tomorrow, today.

Also be sure to go check out our friends enjoying some Dungeons and Dragons in an original setting having western inspired goblin grade good time! Find their episodes at their website RedDirtDnD.com

There once was a man from Ka’alban…


The Weakerthans - Plea From A Cat Named Virtute

Track 5 from the 2003 release “Reconstruction Site”

Copyright 2003 by The Weakerthans, Epitaph Records

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