One of these things is not like the other~

This week we cover a verifiable plethora of topics. The new Dune trailer is out so we honor the good people of Arrakis, desert planet, by gushing our fluids over how good this movie looks. Then a friendly reminder that you’re local library might be a source of comfort in these gray times. Using the Overdrive App, I have been able to enjoy some manga and comics without leaving my couch. Also some exciting news about Shandalar. What mysterious stranger whips his Craw Wurm out at this digital dungeon from 97?! An answer you may yet find! All this and games, swear words, and gore galore!

It’s not Tombstone


Jennifer Hudson - I'll Fight

Jennifer Hudson Celebrates Ruth Bader Ginsburg and More Powerful Women in ‘I’ll Fight’ Music Video

The Oscar winner belts an inspiring anthem in this exclusive visual for “I’ll Fight,” penned by songwriter Diane Warren for the documentary ‘RBG.’ The music video is a celebration of the likes of Ginsburg, Gloria Steinem, Dorothy Pitman-Hughes and more women who have left their mark on history. Of the video’s release in the wake of the midterm elections, Warren had one simple statement: “Even tho the election has ended, the fight isn’t over.”

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