This issue of Red Six is brought to you by the oppressive dystopian future where technology, pollution, greed, and sex hold sway over a society on the brink of self immolation. Just kidding friends! It’s not the far future, it’s RIGHT NOW. Yay! But fret not, because you are not alone. This week we celebrate the continued success of CD Projekt’s Cyberpunk 2077, take an adult romp in the world of VR, live a new life in GTAV, go over some of the biggest computer viruses to interrupt our porn boxes, and indulge all the usual Red Six hijinks to reboot your soul.

All that plus the most important news in the history of Red Six.

A long time in the making but finally after years of breaking down his mental firewalls. Our good friend Stevo from the always entertaining Gutter Nerds has accepted our pleas to join our cast as a permanent member! We could not be more thrilled to complete our Triforce of nerd power. So buckle up my sweet street samurai! We are busting through!

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