As we continue to bake beneath Helios’ lamed chariot in the American southwest. I wonder if our planet will ever see the corporate dystopian future we feared so greatly in the 1980s?

Yea, yea, yea. First we need to get this out of the way before the endless comments asking what have we done with the Texas Toast of the town. Stevo is off this week spending some well deserved time off with his family. He will be missed, but even better… he will be back next issue!

Was Stevo really spending quality time with Nerdez or did he want to avoid talking about the appropriately rated SHADOWRUN??

But… what if Stevo missed this week so he wouldn’t have to THANK SOONERCON FOR ANOTHER AMAZING CONVENTION!

We also take some time to chat about all the great people and highlights of Soonercon 30! Another amazing year that by all barometers was an absolute success. Seeing all of our friends and making new friends. Such fun. Such Life Affirmation. Big thanks to all the folks that stopped by and chatted with us at the booth. And to those that attended the podcasting workshops!

who dat at 13:30?!
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