Hail Adventurer!

So begins another tale from the Sarlacc!

Over the weekend I was finally able to put the finish on Metal Gear Solid V:TPP.  The ending had some twists and unexpected changes to the entire timeline of the Metal Gear mythology. I really enjoyed my time spent with MGS5 and though I ended the game not even close to the 100% completion mark, I feel I have done my tour of duty and look forward to seeing what is to come! Until next time Snake.

Shine on Diamond Dogs. Shine on.

Metal Gear Solid 5

This Is No Juggalo

Having ended a game that thematically explored the fears and responsibility of a world on the brink of wholesale nuclear war.  I felt it was only fitting to play a game that explored the joys and irresponsibility of living in a post wholesale nuclear war world!


Time to set the world on fire again in Fallout 4!  First, if you ever happen to find yourself in a Sarlacc pit on some backwoods planet like Tattooine, then do yourself a service, as I did, and download the digital copy so that you may spend your 1,000 digesting years with the knowledge that you might be able to finish this game to its full extent.  Hopefully.

Fallout 4 is the Everlasting Gobstopper of the video game world.  At this moment I have around 15 hours of game play in and only ventured outside my “starting area” twice.  I have even read excerpts from people involved on the inside of Fallout 4 that they have logged well over 400 hours of game play and still have so much more available to do.  My mind cramps and scrambles for the nearest emergency exits at this thought!

From what I have played so far I can confidently say that Bethesda took Fallout 3 and pimped it out into a fly sweet ride. You like time sinks? We put time sinks into your time sinks, homie! Let’s talk about developing settlements. Now you can spend hours not just collecting tin cans and broken fans but hours building houses, laying out crops to grow or deciding where to setup defenses. Oh and by the way, while you are doing all of that, you still need to make time to get your ass out there to kill some raiders and do some questing!

At this point I am just waiting to come across an in-game collectible card game like Triple Triad then I will know Bethesda does the devils work.

Here is the real kicker though. It’s been really enjoyable so far. 15 hours in and I want to play even more. I will play more, but how will I be able to strike a balance between this and any new game that comes out over the next 5 years?!

There is a long hard road ahead but I have a fist full of bottle caps, a laser rifle, my trusty dog and a radioactive smile to see me through.

To be continued..


Oh yea and you have a dog now too! What?!



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