Ho, Wanderer! Hear my tale!

This weekend I spent some republic credits on the new Star Wars Battlefront from Electronic Arts.  It was hard to break the chemical and psychological hold Fallout 4 had over me but the Force is strong. The Beta last month had whetted my appetite like a nice Corellian spiced ale and I was ready to laser some Rebel scum! Granted, I was never anticipating it to contend for “Game Of The Year” but I was still pumped for a solid AAA title set in the Star Wars ‘verse.

I have been primarily spending my time this weekend playing Fighter Squadron and Walker Assault to get my jollies.

Walker Assault” is a massive 40 player battle that takes it’s inspiration from the Hoth battle in Empire Strikes Back. This was the multiplayer available during the beta and it’s still my preferred infantry based mode. Rebels have the objective of bringing down the AT-ATs in an allotted amount of time while Empire focuses on disrupting the Rebel nodes and repelling the assault when the AT-ATs are made vulnerable. The only downside I find is that if the Rebels have a poor team then it becomes a drawn out experience as you are waiting for the clock to run out. Which turns into an Easter Egg hunt for the “Hero Power-Ups” to help boost your kill count and credits earned from the loss. I am terribad horrible when playing the heroes with the exception of Boba Fett because that smooth rocket pack jumping missile launching bounty hunter is a bad mother *@$%#!


“I have a rocket on my back. Do you want a rocket on your back?”

Fighter Squadron” is Battlefront 3’s ship combat mode and for me it is the clear winner. The balance needs some tweaking but I love the dog-fighting involved. Your piloting skill is essential to success and the lock-on system means even I can hit my targets. Understand that I have the natural aim of a Stormtrooper, the bumps his head often kinda Stormtrooper. So having a lock-on system which alerts the enemy to my presence but helps me hit the broadside of barns, is pure joy. The heroic power-ups in Fighter Squadron let you command the Millennium Falcon or Slave I for their respective faction. These ships are pure beast mode. It requires concentrated fire from the entire team to bring the behemoths down. The Falcon is setup to be a fast tank and Slave I has extra armaments and a lock-on jammer. Want a real asshat tip for flying the Falcon? Shield up and slam into Slave I to kill him on collision while taking minimal amount of damage in return.  It’s a shit move that actually extends to all the Rebel ships as well. The Rebel starfighters can employ shields while the Imperial ships have access to a speed boost. Unfortunately, in the actual dog-fight having shields granting the extra survivability is far superior.

How to describe Star Wars Battlefront 3 simply?


It’s so close!

This stunt presented above sums up SWBF3 because the game is so close to hitting the perfect mark. It’s fun but has balance issues. It has a variety of items and abilities but you don’t have strong ways to define your role on the battlefield. The squadron combat is great but it needs more ships to choose from and variety of objectives for the maps. Battlefront 3 conveys a real love for Star Wars with an excellent attention to detail. The game is just one or two DLCs away from being exactly the last meal I would request prior to a Sarlacc pit execution. (In case you are curious I provide the recipe below..)

Star Wars Cream Dream On Jedi Robes

1 part Tie Fighter by Lucasarts

1 part Dark Forces by Lucasarts

1 part Planetside 2

1 part Rogue Squadron II

Apply cream liberally around crotch area.

Here is to hoping the prophecy of updates will bring balance and an upcoming DLC will add space combat!

Until next time Adventurer.

May The Force Be With You.


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