This week we saw the release of the new Star Wars movie and even though I have been watching the apex-wallet-predator make it’s “O” face for the last year, I am still excited!


I’m about to lose control and I think I like it.

Truthfully, I wanted to use this as way to show my excitement but thought it was best to bury that truth a little deeper.

Currently my Xbox One is purely a vehicle to play Star Wars Battlefront 3, but I am at this moment downloading Vermintide in the other room on the Alpha Console.  Vermintide is best and easily described as Left 4 Dead for Games Workshop’s Warhammer Fantasy world. The endless Skaven (hybrid rat-men) set upon middle-age inspired cities to cause mayhem and the heroes are hired to wreck rat faces with sword and sorcery.  I have heard rumblings of possible gear grinding which actually excites me as it adds a stronger foundation for replay value.  Hopefully I can get some swarthy friends to join me on this adventure and help make murder most cruel.

Heather and I started watching the Dune miniseries produced by the Sci-Fi channel in the early 00s.  It lacks the budget and stylistic choices of David Lynch’s version but also deviates less from the source material.  I have the DVD set in my collection but have not called the Shai-Hulud in many years.  The effects are obviously dated but not in a way that is too distracting.  I think it will cause me to breakout the audio books again once we finish.  The spice must flow.

My Star Wars tickets are purchased and tonight will end the anticipation.  This following Monday will also mark the beginning of massive speculation and anticipation for the next movie. This cycle will never break.. and I am glad.



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