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The first month of 2016 is almost over and I have been completely shit about my New Year’s resolution to write more blogs.  Though I have procrastinated through the first few weeks, it is my endeavor to write a blog post every Sunday. I make the declaration and hope you will hold me to it as procrastination is with out a doubt my strongest talent behind eating bagel bites, which I happily do at a meta-human level.

There have been two driving forces that have provided me the fire to start my New Year’s resolution to write more Tales From The Sarlacc.  First was Caleb’s  “Canadian Aggressive” attempts at pressuring me to add content to the site.  Which on the Behavior Scale is closer to an American Passive Aggressive but he very kindly insisted that what he was projecting was in fact, Aggressive.  I felt Canadian Aggressive was a suitably fair compromise.  The second reason for writing again was that Alan Rickman died.

I will not attempt to eulogize Alan Rickman, but will remark that his passing laid heavily on me.  We play the movie game on the podcast and on one issue I try (and fail) to do a quick Alan Rickman impression.  Being an impressionist is not something I claim to be or believe I am good at in any form, but I really enjoy trying to do impressions nonetheless.  I had practiced doing an impression of his voice for at least a week or two before trying it on the podcast.  Again, it was terrible and if you happen to go back and listen you will hear how quickly I abandon it once starting.  Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves came out when I was 10 years old. It was a favorite movie of mine as it was for Bret who was a good friend of mine that lived across the street in my neighborhood growing up.  Alan Rickman is the best in that movie. Bret and I would quote his line about cutting a heart out with a spoon constantly.  When you are playing as a kid, you always want to be the hero but Rickman made the villains so cool that you weren’t bothered taking turns.  Sadly, Bret passed away the following year and it was the first time I had lost anyone that was close to me.  He was very popular guy and had a massive attendance at his funeral where they played the title song by Brian Adams from Robin Hood.  That is one I will not link because I still find it hard to hear to this very day.  I have not wanted to talk about Alan Rickman passing because his passing reminds me of the loss of a good friend.  I can write about it though, and that makes me feel good.

Alan Rickman

Take care Mr. Rickman.


In the future the blogs will have a lighter side to them.  Probably something about Robots or Kaiju!  There is plenty to say about Jet Jaguar!

Until then,

Good Journey



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