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Earlier this week, from the comfort of the couch, my wife proclaimed that I was a cheater. Not that I was participating in any form of marital infidelity but rather that since I was using a Final Fantasy 6 “walk through”, I was in fact, cheating. Lightning quick I came to the defense of my bruised ego and tried to justify my actions by claiming that I only used the performance enhancing game-faq to help plan my course in the game. This tool, I explained, wasn’t being used to make the game easier but rather just to help minimize time spent needlessly exploring parts of the map trying to find where the story continued next.

I am a goddamn liar.

I have used the Game-Faq to tell me where the secret rooms are, how to prepare for the harder dungeons and much more.

I have a history of cheating at video games.

The following is photographic evidence from circa 1991.

Thor does not approve of game genies or those pajamas

Thor does not approve of game genies or those pajamas

There I am, in all my glory, holding what was at the time the holy grail of cheating at video games, the Game Genie for the Nintendo Entertainment System.  To be fair to my 10 year old self, I was under the impression that the Game Genie was a way to enhance the game.  This was how it was marketed to kids during the early 90’s. Cashing in on the Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure culture that was completely radical and anything but a passing fad with awesome commercials like this one…


Young Nick never stood a chance against marketing of that magnitude.  That year I rented and defeated a plethora of NES titles that had given me nothing but headaches previously.  I have a vivid memory of my parents renting Silver Surfer for me and, with the help of my Genie, less then an hour later proudly telling my astonished Mom and Dad that I had finished, what is claimed by many as the hardest NES title.

Game-Faqs and the Game Genie might be miles apart on the road to what is truly considered “cheating” at a video game, but writing this has brought me to a true epiphany on the topic.

I love cheating at video games! Because when it comes to maze dungeons in Final Fantasy or how to find all the golden spiders in Legend of Zelda..



This on the other hand is what I have time for..


Until next time!

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