This is our very first comic to be released under the Red Six to Golden Corral banner, and we started with the lowest low low basement brow joke we had written. I swear it really is the only dick joke penned for the comics so far but after seeing all the videos for Conan Exiles on Youtube, how could we resist the opportunity. Be relieved though because the original joke written was a play on the famous Conan quote about “two snakes, facing each other” and that would have just been a real awkward first step! It really is surreal to see a likeness of yourself used in a comic. I really have to applaud Matthew Brendle (the very talented artist who has done a great job in these strips as well as previous works for us and is available for hire at his Facebook page) for doing such a fine capture of my thin legs, robust belly and southern slopping “pecks”!

The plan for now is to release these on the first and fifteenth of every month. We really hope you enjoy them as much as we do creating them.
Until next time!

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