I think every table top role playing group has that one “member”, the one who is all too willing to help the group immerse into the fantasy. I have definitely been that guy for a couple of play groups. All you need to play is some friends and some rule books (and the rule books are optional, imo) but that was rarely enough for me when I was Dungeon Mastering. I have employed many tactics to help the players “get into the mood” from playing Fantasy Adventure movie soundtracks, dimmed the lights and lit multiple candles for eerie illumination, provided maps to dungeons on coffee soaked paper with burned edges to “age” the paper, provided food that I felt was appropriate for adventurers to eat (instead of pizza/mountain dew it was cheese/Hawaiian rolls and cider) and on one rare occasion I showed up in costume. It’s possible in the near future I will be getting to DM some Pathfinder for Caleb and Gal’s group. Running a role playing group can take a lot of time and effort but the end result can make memories that you will carry your whole life. Not all of them, but you’ll damn sure be more likely to remember the fate of your character when said fate is being decided by a chubby guy in an executioners cloak lit by candle light with Braveheart playing in the background!

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