Caleb has a room in his house almost entirely dedicated to podcasting.  By only the strictest definition am I forced to preface the description of the room where Red Six records with “almost entirely” due to the fact that the computer he uses to record and edit the cast also occasionally midnights as a vehicle to play one or two non mobile games. Even using the term “room” seems inadequate when you take into consideration the plans Caleb has for the space. A Podcasting Acropolis seems more of a fitting title but referring to it as such  would undoubtedly cause his ego to mutate him into an Akira-infused like microphone bedazzled monstrosity. Therefore I refer to the area as his Lair. He really does have a back up generator ready to come on during any power outage so that, as he says, “no podcast material will be lost during a storm”. It is ridiculous after all the improvements made to The Lair, the custom table, the craft beer with taps, and sound proofing. The only thing we would ever truly be impressed by.. would be a mini-fridge to put our beers and sodas in.

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