There is no glowing sense of nostalgia for Mega-Man in my heart. It was a constant source of frustration and ire. I was absolutely terrible at the game and instead of admitting that fact, I would  pretend I was angry over insignificant things like how Mega-Man was forced to change his name to appease American audiences because apparently RockMan would not have gone over as well. But now when I see Roll I think how we could have had ROCK AND ROLL!  Dammit.

The game rewards memorization and my skills were honed to reaction. I stood no chance.

But can we all agree that the names of the Robot Masters make varying degrees of sense?

*Interior of a corporate board room”
Me (Handsome, eloquent): Let’s each share an idea or two for a potential mini-boss for this Mega-Man game we are creating.  I’ll go first. I have Cuts-Man, he will use a blade attack weapon. I also came up with another called Ice-Man, and of course he will use ice related powers against our protagonist. What ideas do you have for a Robot Master?

You (Likely Caleb, morlock like): Guts-Man. He real strong. Throw rocks. He my favorite.

Me (Dying inside): Well..  I guess.. if that is what you really want.  Just, well, ya know doesn’t carry with the theme like the rest do.. but.. ok.


This really has been a not so subtle dig at Caleb because of his undying love for the Mega-Man dynasty. And it just so happens that Guts-Man is his favorite Robot Master

Loved the 8-bit approach Mathew took with this comic. It really brings the character home to it’s roots and it’s just cool as hell seeing the variation of art style when going back through the comics.

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