The first season of The Dark Side of Red Six finally draws to an end. It’s fitting that the last comic of this run be in the Star Wars ‘verse. Jek Porkin’s life being reduced to a single catchphrase was actually the first comic idea I had approached Mathew Brendle with and I really appreciate the amount of detail he put into it. He handled it professionally and considering it’s an immature pee, sex, and finally nerd joke, he didn’t flinch and got the humor of it.  It has been an amazing opportunity to work on these webcomics with Mathew, Jon and Caleb. I can’t wait to apply all that we have learned from the first run into the next season of comics. Writing these was rather hard, some I am really proud of and some were lessons learned. I hope some of these made you chuckle as much as they made me.
Until next time adventurer.  Good journey.

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